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Time for the next career step?

We evaluate your potential on our Assessment Day.

Based on our assessment, you will be evaluated in terms of appearance, impact and presence. Our trainers will give you professional feedback regarding your strengths, weaknesses and personal development areas. Take the opportunity to get helpful tips from stage professionals.

What can you expect on the Assessment Day?

You will receive a written assignment from us 10 days before the Assessment Day. These documents contain a detailed description of the procedure as well as materials and texts with which you prepare for your performance.

The better prepared you come, the more you gain personal experience.

This is your chance to show your personality. We give you the opportunity to do this in different contexts. You will be at center stage. The tasks will include your self-presentation, a prepared short presentation, an improvisation and a short role play.

This will give us the opportunity to get a picture of your impact on an audience. We will have a close look at how you go into a dialogue and how you solve conflicts. We will evaluate which rhetorical instruments and tools you choose to solve a problem.

With your consent we will accompany your performance with a film camera. These recordings are only intended for you and give you the opportunity to compare the feedback with your performance.

Not only the fact that you got up on stage to present will be a good experience. The feedback following your presentation will also be of great importance for you.

We will reassure you regarding your strengths. But more importantly, we will point out fields of action in which a personal development is advisable. We will advise you on which development program might be best for you.

We will discuss all those elements that make up a manger’s impact such as presence, body language, rhetoric, voice, posture, mindfulness, etc.

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