Personal Development through Acting

Personal Development through Acting

Life is happening in the moment.

In our professional lives we often get so caught up in intellectual processes that we ignore our gut feelings. However, true leadership comes from the heart. This is what motivates employees, sparks their passion, creates ownership and boosts identification with the company’s goals.  It’s the power of the moment we managers need to open up to.

Management Training & Consulting

Management Training & Consulting

Pedeva is about consciously experiencing these moments in the professional context and exploring various action alternatives within a protected environment.

We offer management training based on acting techniques, body work and voice training.

Our goal is the development and training of self-confident, authentic and resourceful leaders, who successfully meet the demands of today’s business life while always remaining humane.

Using the methods of Grotowski, Stanislawski, Chekhov, Strasberg, Adler, Meisner and Linklater, Pedeva follows a diverse, fresh and innovative approach towards management training.

Pedeva is close to the candidate. From our training and development programs we know our candidates very well and respect them as a person. We are excited about our candidates’ personal growth and professional development.

We evaluate, mentor, advise and mediate. Pedeva comes with a deep understanding of the candidate, going beyond the usual screenings of traditional recruiting. Our insights enable us to give valuable advice to corporate HR.

Pedeva’s holistic approach, combining training and consulting, gives us the opportunity to build up true relationships. We accompany our candidates on their career paths and promote their professional development. Our commitment and deep insight give us the possibility to provide the client with the best fit.

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