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Assertiveness for Women

Assertiveness, self-confidence, and decisiveness are prerequisites for a successful career. Not that women lack in any of them, but it often is more challenging for women to stand up for themselves and express what they want, need, or feel. This can manifest in many ways, from excessive friendliness to outright hostility.

Being assertive means being able to defend your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way. Assertiveness enables individuals to express their feelings and points of view with ease and to act in their own best interests. Assertive behavior is honest, direct, expressive, spontaneous, and self-enhancing.

Our workshop „Assertiveness for Women“ begins with the understanding of the female role. What does “typically female” mean? How can women capitalize on their strengths and interact effectively and assertively with others, especially in the business environment?

Our acting trainers take you on an inward journey, in search of your true potential. We explore the signals women send, often unconsciously, through gesture, posture, and voice. You learn to employ nonverbal skills, including body language, to send the right cues that evoke the right responses.

A special focus is put on the voice: more power and precise articulation, the right pitch and voice color to make yourself heard.

You will receive professional feedback as well as individual recommendations from our trainers on how to further improve your convincing, authentic and assertive presence.

Using a variety of acting techniques, improvisation and role-playing exercises, our goal is to support women in getting comfortable in their own skin and commanding respect while being respectful.

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