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Voice for Women

Too high, too soft, too fast. When it comes to women making their voices heard, we quickly reach our limits.

Uncertainty and nervousness are immediately reflected in the voice. In emotional situations, women tend to sound shrill. Higher, softer, more melodious. What might be an advantage when communicating emotional messages, becomes a disadvantage when it comes to being perceived as competent, confident and empathetic.

In our seminar, especially created for women, you will learn to give your voice more assertiveness by using a correct speech technique and finding the appropriate speaking speed. You learn how to articulate precisely and how to gain more sound and expressiveness. In short: you learn how to convince with your voice.

Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, we simulate typical everyday situations. You experiment with your voice and experience in a protected environment and in a small group how to use the entire range of your vocal resources and become an effective communicator through persuasive and effective speaking skills.

We accompany your training with the camera. This gives you the opportunity to make yourself a picture of the impact your voice has. Our trainers will give you professional feedback as well as individual recommendations for the optimal use of your vocal resources.

You get to know your own vocal potential. You train your voice through speech and articulation techniques, breathing exercises and bodywork. Thanks to innovative methods you learn to use your voice effectively and resonantly, giving you more assertiveness and confidence.

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