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Future Leaders

Why am I stuck in my career?

You have the potential, you are passionate about what you do, you get along well with your colleagues – but for whatever reason, when it comes to promotion, you are regularly overlooked. Your achievements are appreciated, you are on good terms with the management, but still your colleagues are preferred when it comes to taking the next step on the career ladder.

What awaits you at the Future Leaders Program?

Like you, there are many high potentials. Because you are straight forward, outright and do not bow to your superiors. In fact, you are a posterchild for the corporate culture business companies advertise in their glossy brochures.

Reasons to get stuck on the career path are manyfold. It might be a question of relationships within the company, opportunism of colleagues, maybe some form of bullying, politics, etc. The situation can become quite challenging if you do not have a mentor, either within the company or outside, who can assess you, show you perspectives, boost your development or simply serve as your sounding board.

With the Future Leaders Program, Pedeva’s goal is to promote, mentor and accompany high potentials. With the comprehensive knowledge of our personal development experts we want to be a strong partner for you.

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