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Management Consulting

We are committed to people. Following a holistic approach, we see a person with all his or her strengths and weaknesses. It’s those strengths that make an individual unique and guide his / her actions, ultimately guaranteeing an organization the desired success. But we also address a person’s weak spots and promote reflection on these.

Pedeva is close to the candidate. From our training and development programs we know our candidates very well and respect them as a person. We are excited about our candidates’ personal growth and professional development.

Managers are under great pressure. They have not only to play a certain role within an organization but also towards a variety of stakeholders. To find a person who can fulfill all these roles, you have to look beyond the professional qualifications of a candidate. 

We evaluate, mentor, advise and mediate. Pedeva comes with a deep understanding of the candidate, going beyond the usual screenings of traditional recruiting. Our insights enable us to give valuable advice to corporate HR.

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