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Confident Speaking

An expressive speaker creates excitement, enthralls his audience and generates enthusiasm. With the right vocal technique, you will become a persuasive speaker, delivering speeches effortless, and gain confidence.

In our seminar “Speaking with confidence” you will learn about efficient elocution techniques and how you use them. We work with you on precise articulation and find the right pitch for your speaking voice as well as the right speaking rate. Together we will explore your entire vocal spectrum and show you how to effectively use it in different situations. More expressiveness means more assertiveness: you learn to convince with your voice.

Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, we simulate typical everyday situations. You get the opportunity to experiment with your voice and experience in a protected environment and in a small group how to use all your vocal resources and convince by the skillful use of your voice as a compelling personality.

Throughout the seminar we accompany you with our camera. This gives you the opportunity to make yourself a picture of your impact on others as a speaker. Our trainers will give you professional feedback as well as individual recommendations on how to best use your vocal resources.

You get to know your own vocal potential. You train your voice through speech and articulation techniques, breathing exercises and bodywork. Thanks to innovative methods you learn to use your voice effectively and resonantly, giving you more assertiveness and confidence.

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