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Personnel Diagnostics

The foundation for your company’s success

Knowing your employees well and focusing your strategy on the individual advancement of every single one of them will make you better prepared for the future.

Successful HR work is based on an understanding of the causes and effects of human behavior. When and why does which behavior work in a professional context?

The best fit for your organization

It starts with the selection of applicants. Candidates who meet the professional requirements of your job posting must be identified as best possible.

It is equally important to assess human abilities. Future colleagues must fit in with your company, your company culture, and the team. Misjudging personal strengths and weaknesses leads to high fluctuation, loss of productivity and additional costs.

With our well-designed aptitude diagnostic tools, we support you in analyzing your applicant pool and finding the right fit for your open position.

What is the state of your current workforce?

Personnel diagnostic procedures are an effective means to get an idea of the current status of your workforce. Are your employees motivated, overworked, or underchallenged? And what about the composition of individual teams?

A regular scan of your workforce supports you in defining quality standards and securing them with your employees. It’s also important to identify quotas and taking diversity & inclusion requirements into account when hiring new staff.

Targeted talent development

Last but not least, personnel diagnostics serves to reveal and develop unrecognized potential.

Pedeva and its consultants offer your company more than conventional potential analyses. 360-degree feedback and tailor-made coaching sequences are your way to highly motivated, efficient employees.

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