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Candidate Experience

The first impression counts

Treat your applicants like customers. Make candidates your biggest fans!

There are many touchpoints along the recruiting process. The candidate journey begins long before the actual application, and it ends with a successful onboarding. Every single station on this journey must be associated with positive experiences for all applicants.

Understanding the entire application process is critical to improving the candidate experience and attracting the best talent for your organization.

Focus on the human aspect

Pedeva’s highly experienced consultants can pragmatically deliver short-term improvements. We examine existing CX streams and individual touchpoints. Often there is simply a lack of practical implementation of ideas and processes. And a lack of human depth.

On the long run, however, we have to move towards a fundamental evolution in applicant management. Whether, and to what extent, the implementation of HR IT systems will be beneficial has to be clarified and eventually designed together. Professional service management always considers first and foremost the human aspect.

Impactful experiences

When was the last time you surprised your candidates in such a way that they became avid followers of your company? Do you work thoughtfully and proactively with your pool of candidates? Or do you apply a kind of superficial campaign management?

Pedeva consultants create a compelling candidate experience. After all, it is the experiences that create a positive impact and position you as an attractive employer.

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