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Presence & Charisma

The professional stage requires confidence, the ability to effectively convey a message, and a compelling, charismatic personality.

What is the first impression you make? Do you show your potential? How do you see yourself and how do you perceive others? Are you in sync with your audience? And last but not least: what are the points where you need improvement?

In our seminar we talk about elements that will bring you forward in your career as manager: presence, charisma and the interaction of verbal and non-verbal communication through the appropriate use of body language, voice and posture. We will show you a variety of highly effective practical exercises from classical drama training and improvisation techniques.

We accompany you with the camera throughout the seminar, giving you the opportunity to get a picture of your effectiveness as a charismatic leader. You will receive professional feedback as well as individual recommendations from our trainers on how to further improve your appearance, your impact and your professional demeanor.

You learn how to act with authenticity but without pretending. Your attitude and your sovereignty will be strengthened, your perception sharpened, and the range of your expression trained. You receive valuable impulses to gain more self-confidence and to grow further in your professional and personal development.

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