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The word “self-exposure” has a negative connotation. Nevertheless, in professional life we constantly have to work on presenting ourselves in the best light possible. From job interview to customer discussion or board presentation: you, your personality and your story must be convincing.

Every person has a story. In our seminar “Storytelling: A Convincing Personality” we work on your personal story. What made you who you are? What makes you stand out and what makes you unique?

You will learn how to dramaturgically build up your unique story and convey it with the right words. Elements from acting techniques such as gestures, facial expressions, body language, timing, rhythm and appropriate use of the voice make your story come alive.

Narrated with authenticity and skillful use of narrative elements, you will break barriers between you and your audience. You trigger emotions, transport your message in a sustainable way and leave an all-over convincing impression.

Throughout the training we accompany you with the camera. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the impact your story has on others. Our trainers will give you professional feedback as well as individual recommendations on your way to becoming a motivating and inspiring speaker.

Through the use of various storytelling methods you will learn how to develop stories and messages in images. You will learn how to incorporate these stories in a professional context, such as a presentation, a staff discussion or customer dialogue. You learn how to gain attention from you audience, build a relationship, emotionalize your arguments, initiate change processes more easily and become a persuasive speaker.

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