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Sabine Karunanithy | Pedeva

Sabine Karunanithy holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

With her outstanding international and intercultural competence, she has built up the HR departments for several Berlin start-ups and subsequently supported them in their growth. She has extensive recruiting experience at all levels, from warehouse worker to CXO.

For Sabine, a clear definition of company values and the implementation of an effective performance management with frequent feedback loops, are the foundation of a well-functioning HR department as basis for a successful company.

In Sabine’s eyes, empathy is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful manager. On the long run, only an empathetic leadership can ensure that employees work towards a common goal in today’s highly volatile company environment.

In order to bring communication, appreciation, empathy and change of perspective closer to executives, Sabine recently attained an additional master’s degree in business coaching and change management and is a certified business coach.

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